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Release 1.35.0

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Welcome to the Boost C++ Libraries

欢迎来到 Boost C++ 库

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

Boost 提供免费的经同行审阅的可移植C++源代码库。

We emphasize libraries that work well with the C++ Standard Library. Boost libraries are intended to be widely useful, and usable across a broad spectrum of applications. The Boost license encourages both commercial and non-commercial use.

我们强调与C++标准库合作良好的库。 Boost 库的目的是广泛的有用性,并且可用于广泛的应用程序中。 Boost 许可证 对商业和非商业使用都鼓励。

We aim to establish "existing practice" and provide reference implementations so that Boost libraries are suitable for eventual standardization. Ten Boost libraries are already included in the C++ Standards Committee's Library Technical Report (TR1) and will be included in the upcoming revision of the C++ Standard. More Boost libraries are proposed for the upcoming TR2.

我们的目标是建立“现行的做法”,并提供参考实现, 使 Boost 库适于最终标准化。 十个 Boost 库已经包含在 C++ 标准委员会(C++ Standards Committee) 的库技术报告(Library Technical Report,TR1)中, 并将包含在即将到来的C++标准修订案中。 更多的 Boost 库计划加入即将到来的 TR2

Changes in this release


This release includes 12 new libraries and maintenance fixes to existing libraries. See Release History for more information.

这次发布包括 12 个新的库, 及现存库的维护修正。 更多信息见 发布记录


If Boost hasn't already been installed on your system, follow the Getting Started Guide to complete the installation. But if you've reached to this point by installing Boost from a Windows pre-build executable or a pre-built Linux and Unix distribution package, that's already been completed. Likewise, if you're reading this on your organization's internal web server, the installation is probably already complete.

如果你的系统还没安装 Boost, 请按照 入门指导 完成安装。 但是如果你是通过Windows预建的执行程序 或预建的Linux和Unix发行包到达此处的, 那就说明你已经完成了安装。 同样,如果你是在你组织的内部web服务器上阅读本文, 安装可能是已经完成。


The release directory tree contains almost all of Boost; documentation, sources, headers, scripts, tools, and everything else a Boost user might need!

发布目录树包含了几乎所有的Boost文档、 源码、头文件、脚本、工具,和其他所有 Boost 用户可能需要的东西!

Library Documentation


The starting point for the documentation of individual libraries is the Libraries page, which gives a brief description of each library and links to its documentation.

各个库的文档的开始点是 Libraries 页面, 其中给出了每个库的简短描述,并链接到它的文档。


Some general interest or often changing Boost information lives only on the Boost web site. The release contains links to the site, so while browsing it you'll see occasional broken links if you aren't connected to the Internet. But everything needed to use the Boost libraries is contained within the release.

一些普遍感兴趣的或经常更改的 Boost 信息仅存在于 Boost 网站。 发布版中包含到该站点的链接, 所以如果你未连接因特网,浏览的时候你将偶尔会见到断链。 但是使用 Boost 库所需的所有东西都已包含在发布版中。



请阅读 介绍材料, 以帮助你理解什么是 Boost, 并帮助你在组织中培训 Boost。


Boost welcomes and thrives on participation from a variety of individuals and organizations. Many avenues for participation are available in the Boost Community.

Boost 欢迎个人和组织的参与,以蓬勃发展。 在 Boost 社区 有许多参与的途径。