First    Preliminary Remarks
    At period of senior high school, I often go to the place of skating rink that call" blue moon", because it is what pay from other people generally, and i also take pleasure in this."Blue moon" let me reminded teenager's day in a happy time accidentally, at that time i get in touch with the computer just now.The time pass fast, the things of the past had already become some memory, and i had already become a adult.
    I like to read book, like the science fiction specially. I don't forgot a science fiction which introduce Mr. dramatis personae who come from other celestial body, the end engraves in the that time,she says that the oneself loves navy blue very much while the life is lost, because of her home town is there, the memory is already unclear as for she whether returns to the navy blue, but it is from sincerity and heart that she calls and wants desire which return to the home town,which let me affect by, and then i like navy blue, too. especially it is that kind of is radiant and extremely keen and blue, which is icy and deep, let person not feel and see exactly.
    I like the classic literature of China, especially poem of the TANG Dynasty, song of phrase from the SONG dynasty, song of the YUAN Dynasty, write the period which is at the height of power and splendour or decay, talk about the success or failure.These a lot of parts describe the moon directly or indirectly, express a kind of feeling which is have in mind to the home towns and kindred fondly."Ren You Bei Huan Li He, Yue You Ying Qing Yue Que, Ci Shi Gu Nan Quan, Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu, Qian Li Gong Chan Juan." Let me fell "Shen Zai Yi Xiang Wei Yi Ke, Mei Feng Jia Jie Bei Si Qin.", the moon also is beautiful, the thick cover of moonlight is in the middle in the peaceful shades, like blue similarly, which is icy and deep, and then let me remind of that "Xun Xun Mi Mi, Leng Leng Qing Qing..." of LI QING ZHAO's poet.
    Hence, the website was adopted this faerie name of" blue moon",i hope that it is nicely that communicate with friends, and give friends for comprehensive and healthy environment.
Second    Primary Member
    Cnangel: Chief Executive Officer of Blue Moon,who is stationmaster of "Wang Shang Jia Yuan" originally, and then is founderinitiator and deviser of Blue Moon.
    Yufeng0281: Principal of Blue Moon and Forum of Star, who design the domain.
    Ze Qu Kuai Le: Principal of Forum of Star, Grand Old Man who join construction of Forum of Star actively in 2002.
    Wo Ben Shan Liang: Principal of Forum of Star, he was joined in 2005, who is active supporter.

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